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When you need to move your home or business, U-Haul saves you money. U-Haul trucks are available for local and long distance one-way trips. All trucks are clean, well-serviced and easy to drive. Take the stress out of your move with U-Haul.

• Trucks from 10’ to 26’

• Pickup trucks and vans

• Car and motorcycle trailers

• Tow dollies

• Cargo trailers

• Utility trailers

The size you need

• Boxes, Tape

• Tie downs

• Truck rental Facility

• Furniture blankets

• Hand trucks

• Bubble wrap / plastic wrap

Moving supplies

U-Haul trucks are easy to reserve by calling our office or using the U-Haul website and choosing our location. Our office offers after-hour key drop and available parking for your vehicle while you rent.

Service any time you need it


Move with ease

Find out more about a U-Haul truck by calling:


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